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Every year we award a number of Scholarships to recognise current talent and potential in a wide variety of fields. In addition to a financial award, our Scholars receive enhanced educational opportunities and privileges to help them develop their talents. Watch the video to find out more about our Sport Scholarships and to hear from a Scholar….


For entry at Years 7, 9, 10 and Lower Sixth (NB., Year 10 is only applicable for external candidates)

Scholarships are awarded to pupils who have the potential to make an outstanding contribution to Sport at Wells. Candidates should already be playing sport both inside and outside of school, whether via the club or county route. Our top Sport Scholarships will go to candidates of County standard or above.

Benefits and expectations

Opportunities Wells Pupil Aspirational Performance Elite
Access to excellent coaching yes yes yes yes
Ability to represent the School at team level yes yes yes yes
Guidance with goal setting and reviewing yes yes yes yes
Sports seminars no yes yes yes
Nutritional guidance and advice no yes yes yes
Advanced fundamental movement skills coaching no yes yes yes
Sports mentor no no yes yes
Strength and conditioning coaching no no yes yes
Leadership training no no no yes
Sport specific mentor no no no yes
Access to external coaches and expertise no no yes yes
Performance analysis no no yes yes
Opportunity to gain coaching qualifications no no no yes

Overview of performance sports at Wells

What to expect on the Scholarship Day

  • An interview with their Head of Year or a member of our Senior Management Team
  • A group activity
  • A fundamental movement assessment
  • An interview with a member of our Sport Department
  • At least two games activity sessions in their preferred sports

Financial awards

Scholarship awards are based on current merit. All successful Year 7 applicants and most other successful applicants will be awarded a maximum of 10% of their day fees. However, we do award a finite number of higher scholarships for truly exceptional candidates, which will be awarded solely at our discretion.

We may be able to supplement a scholarship with further financial assistance based on your family’s needs – please see our Bursaries page and our Remissions Policy for details.

Review process

Scholars will habitually enter the programme at the aspirational level and aspire to progress through the levels throughout their time on the programme. Our Elite Scholars are currently performing at national level. All Sport Scholars will receive a formal review of their progress and performance in November of Year 8 and November of Year 11.

How to apply

Click Here to see our Application Process

Find out more

If you have any questions about our Scholarship Programme for any year of entry, please contact us on 01749 834441 or email [email protected].

Please note that you may apply for multiple scholarships. If successful, you can receive one financial scholarship and an additional honorary scholarship.