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Dhevdhas Nair, Jazz Pianist

Dhevdhas Nair, Pianist and Percussionist

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Dhevdhas Nair, Jazz Pianist

Dhevdhas started his professional career in Khartoum, Sudan, with bassist Sami el Salahi in Afro funk band Heavy Ducks. He has toured in Africa, India, Europe, and Scandinavia with a range of jazz, rock and world music groups, including the chart topping South African band Sankomota; Paris – based Ujamaa; Julian Bahula’s Jabula; and Orchestra Jazira. He has worked in the UK with Mervyn Afrika, Nana Tsiboe, John Etheridge, Jim Mullen, and in the US with Darryl Waye (ex Curved Air). He has also written music for the Daksha Sheth Dance Company in South India, and appeared on numerous recordings and radio and television broadcasts. He studied Indian classical music, and has a BA Hons music degree. He lives in Devon and is visiting jazz piano teacher at Wells Cathedral School. Dhevdhas tours internationally and in the UK.