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Wells is rightly celebrated as one of the world’s leading music schools, but did you know that only one quarter of our pupils are music specialists and that our pupils also enjoy incredible success in sports, academics and much more? To find out more about the outstanding all-round education that we offer, read on…

Pupil experiences


Alasdair, Outdoor Learning

We have access to countless courses, adventure camps and qualifications to help further ourselves above and beyond the classroom. I have completed my DofE awards up to gold level, been abroad to Nepal and took part in Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training courses. Through these activities, I have made friends, learned new skills, grown in confidence, broadened my interests and improved my overall character. Ultimately, my experiences always got me back wanting to do more!

Ben, Sixth Form

Since joining Wells in Year 9, I have grown as a person and as a pupil. I have been able to improve in more areas than just academics. Within sports, I have been offered many opportunities at Wells and am looking forward to many more to come. I have found that since joining the Sixth Form I have had far more freedom than ever before in my previous school life. This comes hand-in-hand with the access to amazing facilities, such as the Sixth Form Centre and the Library.

Ben, Year 9

I joined Wells in Year 7 after considering many schools in the area. Although Wells has specialist music, there are many other things to do as well, such as sport, drama productions, after-school clubs and the specialist maths programme. In particular, Wells has given me many sporting opportunities, including playing in every team, weekly matches and captaining the cricket squad. For me Year 9 has been great for many reasons, including a helpful tutor and good teachers.

Callum, Drama

Drama at Wells is amazing. I have studied a wide range of practitioners, styles, genres, contemporary approaches and techniques. The vast number of theatre trips, workshops, lectures and backstage tours have been particularly inspiring. In our productions, we are afforded the opportunity to work in a professional setting, to professional standards. These experiences have given me the confidence and drive to pursue my ambition to become an actor. It’s also been a brilliant time!

Lily, Sport

What I like most about sport at Wells is that the coaches are always stretching you, which rapidly developed both my ability and my confidence. They are really supportive but also encourage independence and help us to develop key leadership skills, which help both on and off the pitch. Every Wells team I have represented has been inclusive yet competitive, making every match enjoyable. This feeling of a sports community allows you to learn from your peers as well as coaches.

Lily, Year 7

I have been a day pupil at Wells since Year 3. My passions are climbing, reading, spending time with my friends, stop motion, drama, and playing with my dog. Sport is also a big part of my Wells life! I’m not a specialist musician, but I enjoy playing the violin. My favourite aspect of Year 7 is having more freedom! I absolutely love being part of a boarding house because you always have somewhere to go at break time – to eat toast and spend time with your friends.

Matthew, Year 7

I joined Wells in Year 7 as a day pupil. I am a sports and maths scholar and really enjoy both at school. I particularly enjoy hockey, and I recently made the Somerset County squad. I like all the games lessons, and I love that we have many sessions a week with matches most weekends. I’m pleased that I have joined the Specialist Maths programme as I love being challenged in maths and working at a quick pace. It helps my confidence as we have to occasionally do presentations.

Raffy, Year 9

I found Year 9 is a time of change and a time of trying many new things. Some things you may love and want to pursue and then there are other things that you find you aren’t as keen on. The thing I have learnt is that if you put effort, enthusiasm and a great deal of practice in, you will end up overcoming the difficulties and enjoy the sense of accomplishment; if it doesn’t go well, you know that there is always someone at Wells to help you back on the right path so nothing is lost.

Susanna, Sixth Form

For me, the key thing about Sixth Form at Wells is the balance struck between independence and support. We are encouraged to specialise in our particular areas of interest and to steer our own learning, but help is always there if we need it. The density of experience is unparalleled – a single afternoon might include some music practice, a history lesson, a quick nip up the climbing wall in games, back down for a quartet rehearsal and then some dinner before the evening starts!

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