Music Scholarships (ages 8-16+)

We encourage talented young musicians to audition for our specialist music scheme. Based on the auditions, we award two different types of music scholarships: the Music and Dance Scheme (MDS) grant funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and our own Music Scholarships. Both types of award are based on musical ability and financial need.

How to be considered

If you would like an audition, please complete and return our registration form (located in the right menu) and fee as well as this Music Application Form to our admissions team before the audition deadline below. Our admissions team will contact you to give you specific information about the audition. Please note that our partners, Bursary Administration Limited, carry out financial circumstances assessments on our behalf. The process includes a home visit where they will view your financial paperwork. They will then send us a report, which is considered by our Bursary Committee.

For more information about our music scholarships, please contact Alison Armstrong, Deputy Director of Music, on 01749 834450 or [email protected]

Financial help available

MDS grants are:
  • Worth up to 100% of tuition, boarding and music tuition fees.
  • Means tested – we calculate parental contributions according to relevant income scales provided by the DfE each year (see below).
  • Only available to applicants awarded a Specialist music place.
  • Not open to all applicants as specific eligibility requirements need to be met.
  • Limited in number.
Our Music Scholarships are:
  • For candidates awarded the status of Specialist or Special Provision Musician who are ineligible for or not awarded an MDS grant.
  • Worth up to 100% of music tuition fees (excluding boarding and tuition fees).
  • Based on financial need.
  • Solely at our discretion.
Key Dates (for more details, please visit our Open Day area of our website).
Be a Specialist Musician for a Day:
  • Wednesday 13th March 2019 (Deadline: Monday 11th March 2019)
Parents’ annual contribution to fees 2017/18 for MDS Grant Recipients
Relevant Income (£ per annum) Day Boarding
10,000 £0 £0
20,000 £396 £582
30,000 £1,398 £1,740
40,000 £2,397 £3,159
50,000 £3,441 £4,791
60,000 £4,776 £6,591
70,000 £6,222 £8,439
80,000 £7,722 £10,356
90,000 £9,222 £12,354
100,000 £10,722 £14,355
110,000 £12,222 £16,356
120,000 £13,722 £18,354
130,000 £15,222 £20,355
140,000 £16,722 £22,356
150,000 £18,222 £24,354
160,000 £19,722 £26,355
170,000 £21,222 £28,356
180,000 £22,722 £30,354